About Us

Welcome to RX Orthotic Inc, where we believe that every step a person takes should be a comfortable one.

RX Orthotic is provider of premium custom foot orthotics. We are dedicated to using the latest technology and meticulously designed materials to provide the ultimate comfort and support for your feet.

Our team founded by two American Board Certified (ABC) Pedorthists and a highly skilled technician. With their wealth of experience and knowledge in the field, they are dedicated to ensuring each orthotic device is perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Pedorthists have undergone rigorous training and education, equipping them with the ability to address a variety of foot conditions with the utmost precision and care. We leverage 3D scanning and experience to ensure a perfect fit and optimal function of every orthotic device we produce.

The materials used are meticulously designed and carefully selected to provide optimal comfort and durability. We believe that quality materials are the backbone of effective foot orthotics, and we never compromise in this area. Our materials are not only strong and resilient, but also flexible and comfortable, providing the perfect balance for your patient’s needs.

We are not just about providing a product. We believe in building a relationship with our customers and are committed to understanding your unique needs, providing the best possible solution, and ensuring your satisfaction with our products and services. We are not satisfied until you are.

RX Orthotic is not just a company. It's a mission. It's a commitment. It's a promise – a promise to keep your patients comfortable and on their feet, whatever the journey may be.

Let us guide your patients towards a more comfortable stride.

Walk with comfort. Walk with RX Orthotic.